The Perfect Camera Bag

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I have a lot of camera bags, more bags than cameras in fact, from several different manufacturers.  The one I use most though is my Tamrac 5534 messenger-style bag.  It's the perfect size for a DSLR (Canon 30D in my case), 2 or 3 L-Series lenses, a flash and accessories.  Its flat and wide shape makes it easy to throw over your shoulder like a briefcase or over your chest like a messenger bag keeping it close to your body, secure and not swinging around.  This makes it an ideal camera bag for an afternoon hike or a trip to a foreign city.  Normally, if I'm just going for a drive or a photo expedition, I pack it with an extra lens or two (like my 60mm macro) and leave the camera out of the bag.  Because, as any good shutterbug knows, the easiest way to miss a good photo is to have your camera packed away in a camera bag.

Tamrac 5534 Adventure Messenger 4 Camera Bag

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