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Because You Can't Always Kill Your Own Dinner

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Unless you're buying your meat from a local butcher, it's hard to top Omaha Steaks for red meat.  The Mrs. and I keep a box or two of their 6 oz sirloins in the freezer at all times.  Omaha Steaks are direct from the heartland, finely aged and flash frozen.  They taste as good as fresh and beat the heck out of anything you can buy at your local grocery store.  Keeping a box on hand makes it easy to turn any night into steak night and is great for entertaining last minute guests. 

In addition, Omaha Steaks make great gifts for the holidays too.  Have a box of steaks sent as a Christmas gift and you'll be remembered every time they fire up the grill. 

Buy Direct from or find some great deals on Omaha Steaks at .

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