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The Orange Monster

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Seiko manufactures watches that run the gamut from cheap, unreliable and undesirable to high quality quartz and automatic pieces that rival many Swiss brands.  One Seiko that is both affordable and has established a cult following is the 21-jewel Automatic Diver, specifically in orange, commonly referred to as the "Orange Monster."  It's known for its super bright Lumibrite glow-in-the-dark hands and it's superb diving capabilities.  It has a screw down crown (essential for using a watch around the water), has been water tested to 200 meters and meets ISO standards for scuba diving.  It's extremely durable and great looking too.  In addition, the automatic movement gives it a certain appeal for a sophisticated outdoorsman. Even if you aren't a diver, this is a great piece for just about any adventure...  And at less than $200 you can buy one in black (Black Moster) too!

Seiko Men's "Orange Monster"

The Ultimate Pocket Knife Rescue Tool

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When emergency strikes, where are you?  Cowering in a corner in your skirt or front and center ready to lend a hand?  Well, Nancy, now you'll be ready to serve with the Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool.  The 2007 IWA Knife of the Year Winner was:

...developed and perfected in conjunction with emergency medical and rescue services in a five-year project. All parts have been subject to stringent tests, particularly the new window breaker and disc saw tools. The Rescue Tool includes the most essential functions for freeing a person from a disabled vehicle, including a rounded belt cutter which can be used to safely cut through a seat belt. All tools that have to be available quickly can be opened wearing gloves and are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. The one-handed blade and strong screwdriver (crate opener) are fixed in position when open thanks to the liner lock mechanism. The look of the Rescue Tool is unique as well with its luminescent yellow grip shells and bright red and yellow nylon case.
And it can also open a beer.  See this video demonstration:

Get yours here: Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool

The Perfect Camera Bag

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I have a lot of camera bags, more bags than cameras in fact, from several different manufacturers.  The one I use most though is my Tamrac 5534 messenger-style bag.  It's the perfect size for a DSLR (Canon 30D in my case), 2 or 3 L-Series lenses, a flash and accessories.  Its flat and wide shape makes it easy to throw over your shoulder like a briefcase or over your chest like a messenger bag keeping it close to your body, secure and not swinging around.  This makes it an ideal camera bag for an afternoon hike or a trip to a foreign city.  Normally, if I'm just going for a drive or a photo expedition, I pack it with an extra lens or two (like my 60mm macro) and leave the camera out of the bag.  Because, as any good shutterbug knows, the easiest way to miss a good photo is to have your camera packed away in a camera bag.

Tamrac 5534 Adventure Messenger 4 Camera Bag

Dual-Fuel Fuel Maker (coffee)

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Picture 9.png
Regardless of where your travels take you, a five-star resort or a backwoods campsite, a proper cup of coffee is a must to get any day started.  The new Brunton  BrewFire Dual-Fuel Coffee Maker ensures that a decent cup of joe is never out of reach.  The BrewFire is "just like your coffee maker at home, only this one is fueled by propane or butane fuel and can be taken anywhere."  Brew eight cups of the good stuff into a stainless steel carafe in 8-10 minutes using either propane bottles or butane canisters.  Camping, tailgating, hanging out in the garage, whatever...  This and a bottle of Bushmills will keep you going day and night.

Preorder at the Brunton site now.

Via uncrate.

One thing I hate about winter coats is that so many of the best and most functional jackets are bright colors with stripes, zippers and logos everywhere.  That's why I recently picked up the Marmot Transit Jacket.  It's a great lightweight shell that is a solid color, cut slightly slim and long and is mostly void of unnecessary embellishments.  At the same time, it's waterproof (with taped seams), breathable and warm.  It has a removable hood that cinches up nicely and has a stiff brim built in.  It also has numerous internal pockets, making it a great travel jacket too.  Worn alone it's a great jacket for a cool rainy day, worn over a fleece or even a down layer, it's a great shell for the coldest of winter days.  It's nearly the perfect jacket for a sophisticated outdoorsman. 

And, if you hurry, REI has them marked down to $130 (original price $190) online or in the store.

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