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Tissot Men's T-Touch Titanium Black Rubber Watch

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Tissot has been manufacturing watches since 1853.  Finding high quality and stylish Swiss watches for a reasonable price is not always easy.  Finding a stylish Swiss watch with the features of Tissot's T-Touch series is nearly impossible.  These watches are rugged and at the same time stylish and trendy.  And, they feature functions that any outdoorsman can appreciate.

In addition to the Swiss movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 100 foot water resistance, 43mm case and rubber strap, the T-Touch features touch screen control of:

  • Altimeter
  • Chronometer
  • Compass
  • Alarm
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Date and Time
Save over $300 and get limited time free shipping at Amazon: Tissot Men's T-Touch Titanium Black Rubber Watch #T33.7.798.51

There is something about classic styles that have gone nearly unchanged for several generations.  Something that makes you feel good about wearing them regardless of if they're a hot trend or not.  Something that makes you love them more the more worn they get. 

The Clarks Desert Boot is just that item.  Somerset, England based Clarks shoe company has been manufacturing these boots (nearly unchanged) since 1950.  The boots were originally inspired by the the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II.  They are comfortable, rugged and stylish.  Chop wood in them, wear them to work and take them out on the town. 

Some things never change and some things just work; these are the greatest things.

Get some here: Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot

Smell Ya Later...

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Since you're a "sophisticated" outdoorsman, you probably shower...  And if you shower you probably occasionally like to smell good.  But, unless you're a gardener -- a very reputable occupation for any S.O. -- you don't want to small like flowers.

This S.O. was just in the market for some new cologne, something to drive Mrs. S.O. wild.  I settled on "The One" by Dolce & Gabbana.  I was lured in by the description stating that its "base notes are cedarwood, ambergris and tobacco." 

Well, sure enough, when I took a whiff it I was carried away to thoughts of smoking a cigar while building a fence... Wonderful.  But what exactly is this ambergris you may ask...  Wikipedia explains, "ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull gray or blackish color produced in the digestive system of sperm whales."   Now that's manly!  Mrs. S.O. loves it too.

Find it here: DOLCE GABBANA THE ONE BY Dolce Gabbana For Men EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

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We've all made those mental lists of things to do before we croak.  If you're a die-hard fly fisherman, like the S.O., then this is the perfect book for you.  Or, if you're looking for a gift for the fly fishing enthusiast in your life, this is one that they will absolutely appreciate. 

It's a beautiful hard cover book with stunning photos of the world's top fly fishing destinations.  And, not only does this book entice you with photography, but it can act as an introductory guide book for 50 unforgettable fly fishing excursions -- offering detailed descriptions by avid fisher... um... people, travel info, equipment recommendations and tips.

Get one of these today, it will make a great gift or a great addition to your own collection: Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die at Amazon.com

Carl Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T* FL

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You know stalking your ex girlfriend is wrong, right?  Good.
If you're stalking quadrupeds though, or maybe celebrities, this upcoming spotting scope from Carl Zeiss not only offers 15 - 45x magnification, but sports an integrated digital camera with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 600 to 1800mm.  An OLED screen on the side of the unit flips out where the users can set camera functions, view a live image and view stored images.  A decent set of camera controls are included as well; the Zeiss offers manual white balance, ISO settings, spot metering, exposure bracketing, and a histogram display to name a few. Images are stored on standard SD cards.

Via PhotographyBLOG

Justin Charles Outerwear

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The S.O. aims to have personal experience with most of the products he recommends...  I'm happy to say that I have tried each of these garments myself and can honestly say that they may be the best crafted outwear pieces I have ever worn. 

Justin Charles has long been known for its high quality Merino Wool under clothes, especially among the bow hunting community, including a complete cold weather layering system, hunting suits, gloves, hats and more.

Now, they've released a line of jackets and coats that lives up to this reputation.  The details built into the clothing line are really exceptional and they're designed to be as functional as they are beautiful.  Their web site is a real plus too, check out the product videos where the companies Director of Product Development demos and explains each piece of the outerwear line.

Justin Charles Outerwear

For Hunting, Watching and Exploring

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When buying binoculars, you get what you pay for.  High quality optics are not cheap, but the difference when you're hunting from a blind, watching birds or exploring your world is one that can be seen and is unmistakable.  Nikon is near the top of the charts when it comes to creating binoculars that have spectacular optics, solid construction and are comfortable to hold and use.

That said, I couldn't pass up this deal on Nikon's Monarch ATB 8x42 Waterproof Binocular.  Amazon is offering these at $200 below retail, making them $230, which is about $50 under what venerable B&H offers them at.  If you're in the market, these best sellers are a best bet. 

Find them here: Nikon Monarch ATB 8x42 Waterproof Binocular

Canned Water Taste in a Bottle

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Now that we know BPA (Bisphenol A) is trying to kill you, along with your ex-wife, children, cigars, booze, saturated fat, etc., you need to replace those old smelly Nalgine bottles with something...  My neighbor (Mr. Teeth) recently ridded his home of all  plastic drinking untinsles and I asked him what he was going to replace them with and he reccommended these: 

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Not only do these stainless steel water bottles help keep your drink cool, but they can be placed on your camp fire or stove in a pinch for heating up your water.  They also don't take on the funky smell of everything you've ever put in them like a platic bottle does.

The Take Everywhere Camera

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One thing most outdoorsman know is to leave only footprints and take only photos.  Whether you're an accomplished shutterbug or a point-and-shoot aficionado, the new Canon G10 has something to offer everyone.  It features the ease of a point-and-shoot, but also offers full manual controls, high quality glass, 14.7 MP, an an alloy body, and Canon quality.  It has a built-in flash, but also has a hot shoe so that you can use any of Canon's professional quality flash units. 

Canon's G9 was a favorite of serious amateur and professional photographers alike, and the G10 is destined to be the same.  It's a great alternative or addition to a full-blown DSLR outfit.  It's size means that you can keep it in your pocket and ready when hiking, hunting, fishing or walking down the street... which is something you can't do with an SLR. 

At $499 it's no bargain, but if you want truely great photos, and want to have some manual control over your camera with the abilty to use a real flash, this is your best bet.

More: Canon Powershot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

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