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Classic Style, Modern Functionality

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Being a Sophisticated Outdoorsman involves the perfect blending of form and function.  I recently wore a pair of these Ray-Ban 3362 Aviators (polarized) on my adventures through the Yucatán Peninsula and can say that for sunglasses, this is about as good as that fusion gets. 

The light weight 3362 has a strong metal frame that, although they are slim, can take a drop in the woods or a conga line incident at Señor Frog's (trust me).  They are classic aviator style, but considerably smaller than those oversized shades that the hipsters are wearing.  This keeps them light and up on your face where they belong.  Always spring for the polarized lenses as well.  Ray-Ban polorized lenses are top-notch and whether you're skiing, fishing, driving, flying, etc., you'll appreciate the anti-reflective properties of polarization. 

My only complaint is the case that Ray-Ban packs with the glasses is cheap pleather that gets hard as hell when you leave them in the car overnight in northern Minnesota in February...  and then breaks when you open them in said state...

They retail for around $190, but you can find them cheaper at Amazon: Ray-Ban RB 3362 'COCKPIT/AVIATOR' Metal-Framed Sunglasses

A Swiss for your Cubans

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This nifty little Swiss Army knife includes the basic knife blade, file, nose and ear hair trimmer scissors... But it also includes a little something to go along with your 5 Cigar Caddy.  Three laser sharpened circular cigar punches! You simply choose the size you want, press your cigar into the whole and turn the tool to make a perfect cut.  This is a great tool for camping, hiking (avoid starting the forest on fire though), boating or vacationing - just don't try to take it through airport security.

Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

The Outdoorsman's Travel Humidor

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When camping, canoeing, fly fishing, vacationing, etc., I usually enjoy bringing along a smoke or two for the occasion.  Keeping them dry, safe and well humidified is a challenge though.  Even taking a few of your favorite sticks on a weekend road trip can be tough without a good travel humidor.  The S.O. has found that this 5-cigar "caddy" works for most situations and is perfect for the outdoors.  Its water tight and shock proof construction, rugged exterior, and integrated humidifier get the job done whether in your backpack, glove box or fishing vest. 

And at this price, you can afford to lose one overboard occasionally, although it does float...

5-cigar Caddy 3400

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